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2 Stroke

Description - Price
Tunnel Porting Single                                   $95.00
Tunnel Porting Double                                 $185.00
Tunnel Porting Triple                                    $275.00
Rotary Valve Disc Update (Ski Doo )             $32.00
High Compression Heads Single                     $65.00
High Compression Heads Double                   $90.00
High Compression Head Triple                       $115.00
Carburetor Boring Round Slide                      $60.00
Carburetor Boring Flat Slide                           $50.00
Intake Porting                                               $78.00
Carburetor Boring Double Pack                     $195.00
Carburetor Boring Triple Pack                       $295.00
Rotary Valve Intake Boring (Ski Doo)            $78.00
Cylinder Porting                                            $130.00
Cylinder Boring                                             $45.00
Pro Porting                                                   $195.00
Pro High Compression Head Single                $125.00
Pro High Compression Heads Double             $150.00
Pro High Compression Heads Triple               $175.00
Pro Carburetor Boring Round Slide               $105.00
Pro Carburetor Boring Flat Slide                    $130.00
Racing Pipes (Ski Doo)                                 Call
Shock Rebuilding with Tech-Syn Kit              Call
Crank Shaft Rebuilding                                 Call
Big Bore Kits                                                 Call​

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